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A Haitian boatsman travels from one town to the next on the island la Gonave, Haiti. 2009.

What do you desire?

Are you doing what you love? Are you living your full potential? Do you want to be an artist? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to work in nature? Do you want to heal our planet? Do you want to be a shaman traveling the Sahara on a camel?

Whatever you love, it can be yours if you open your mind to the possibility that it can happen.

You do not even need to fully believe it, you simply need to let go of the belief that it is not possible.

Marie Kondo is an international acclaimed organizing consultant from Japan. During her childhood she loved nothing more than tidying her room and her family’s house. She developed her own cleaning method and today hundreds of thousands of people around the world are using her technique to tidy up their houses.

Mark Morales is a chef that uses healthy food and is famous on television in Malta. He never received professional chef training but loved cooking very healthy food. He trained himself and always cooked for all of his friends. He also happens to be very outgoing and unafraid to speak in public. One day he was discovered by the daughter of a television show producer that truly enjoyed his food. Today he is on television several times a week and shares his passion with the Maltese people.

Nadia Meli is a famous German wedding photographer, who gets bookings from all over the world. She has never had photography training and in the beginning when she told people she wanted to become a photographer only a few encouraged her. She followed her heart, developed her talent and today she is able to choose her clients.

Louino Robbillard is a successful social activist from Haiti. He grew up in the poorest slums of the Western Hemisphere without financial resources and didn’t have the option to attend university. Instead he observed the people in his environment, realized that there is a lack of self-confidence in Haitian society created mainly by international nonprofit organizations, and ever since he has used his energy to change the humanitarian systems in Haiti. He taught himself most things and was never afraid to make a mistake. Today he gets invited to speak in different countries and is engaged in change-making with Haiti’s upper class and politicians.

What do these awesome people have in common?

They never concentrated on how to earn a living. They focused on what they loved and on how to make more time to do that.

Enthusiasm and a love for something naturally leads to competence in the field. If you walk around with an open heart, telling everybody about your passions, you will attract people that want to profit from your expertise and suddenly you will see everything in your life falling right into place.

The first important step in pursuing our dreams is to be clear on what they actually are. When we were young, we were allowed to dream. If we told our parents that we wanted to be a singer, a dancer or a semi-precious stone collector, they would simply smile at us without judgment. But as we grew older, we were taught to forget our dreams and get ready for reality and too many of us listened and believed their words. In the end we all want to be loved, accepted, and to fit in. As a result we forget what we are really good at and what we love to do. We didn‘t see that the people telling us these things were stuck in their belief systems. We didn’t know that they had simply forgotten their own dreams and were repeating past experiences without questioning them. If you want to find out what you love, I invite you to take some time with a blank paper and a pen. Before you start, get yourself in the right mood.

Meditate, read the tarot cards, turn on your favorite music, cook a delicious meal, get a massage or take several deep breaths. In short, indulge yourself while relaxing your mind. Then take your paper and answer the following questions. Try not to think too much and write the very first thing that comes into your mind. If you can’t answer one of the questions, skip it and move to the next. Dream big without limits. Everything is valid.

• What would I do with my time if I were a millionaire?
• What do other people value in me?
• What would I do if I could not fail?
• What am I really good at?
• What were my dreams when I was a child or teenager?
• What would I do in life if I had no responsibilities?
• Who do I admire and why?
• What makes my heart beat?
• If I had only one more year to live, with what activity would I fill it? How would I want to be remembered?

We are all in this world to find out who we truly are and to express ourselves as such. When we experience joy, we are an expression of pure love and are benefiting the lives of everybody around us.


So why would you keep yourself from experiencing bliss by doing what you love? Give up excuses, all the “I can’t”, “I must”, “I should”. They are all part of your belief system and do not serve you. Do more of what makes you happy.

Did you answer the questions? Do you know what you desire? The way out of suffering is right in front of your eyes.

Let go of expectations and free yourself from what you think the outcome should look like. If you concentrate on the desired results, you get stuck in the “how“ instead of living the “why“. The expression of the real “you” lies in the question “why“ and this will automatically lead to your life’s purpose: to follow your bliss.

Wake up every morning and be yourself, fall into yourself, enjoy your SELF and love your SELF. Have faith, share your truth and trust your SELF – the river will carry you and there isn’t much you need to do…

It’s time to live your dreams. It doesn‘t matter how old you are. The time to start is NOW!

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