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My name is Alice. I am a woman, daughter, friend, shadow worker, tarot reader, life coach, public speaker, photographer, filmmaker, dancer, traveler. In summary; I am free spirit who follows her heart to make her dreams and ideas come to life. By taking this approach to life, I want to open people‘s eyes to what happens in our inner and outer worlds. To expose the inherent beauty therein contained in order to spread inspiration.

I travel around the world, have incredible experiences and earn my living by doing what I’m passionate about. Creating Art, Reading Tarot and Shadow Work Sessions. This gives me plenty of time to discover places and topics that interest me and I always try to act according to my beliefs. I dive deep into the consciousness of human beings and like to shine light on our shadow side to transform negativity into positivity.

I am convinced that everyone is capable of living the life they have dreamed about, including you!

This is a blog meant to inspire you to turn the negativity in your life into positivity; to change your perspective and to learn how to reconnect with your deepest feelings so you can live every moment of your life to the fullest extent possible. My experiences will be shared with honesty, my ups and downs talked about without restraint. I will also tell you about my convictions, beliefs, and my intuition.

I have gotten to love my shadow side and I would be happy if I could help you do the same!

Follow your bliss!



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