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God in disguise


I want to share a story that gave me a new understanding of life. The story’s sentiment is deeply integrated in the spirit of the Ghetto Tarot. It goes like this:

“Before our world was born, God used to be only love and light. God had the knowledge that he was love and light but couldn’t experience it. Because to experience something and to know what it is, you first need to know what it is not. So God decided to split herself up into quintillions of pieces and created a universe of opposites to not only know but also feel that he was love and light. To experience light, she therefore created the darkness. To experience love, he created fear. To experience the conscious, she created the unconscious. And each of us is tiny but a very important part of the big oneness called God.”

When we were children we still remembered that we were only love and light, and then we went through a series of experiences that made us forget this fact completely. Most of us spend the rest of our lives searching for that feeling again and we often don’t understand why life is so difficult. But life isn’t difficult at all once we find out who we really are, God in disguise, sometimes hiding very well to make the game more exciting. The road to light leads through the darkness. Therefore, there is only one way to encounter the true you; give up your resistance to negativity, let it flow through you and let it remind you that you are nothing but love.

In our world of contrast, we can only know something through knowing the opposite.

Negative emotions are like the question and positive emotions are like the answer.

You cannot condemn the question without condemning the answer at the same time. If we are running away from negativity, we are running away from ourselves. That’s what I have done many times in my life. I was one out of many people in this world who did not understand emotions, tried everything to avoid pain and to move away from being present with them. I moved through life unconsciously without knowing what function these emotions serve. This creates huge problems, because our emotions are the basics of our life experience.

When we were young children we had no resistance to negativity. When children feel emotions of sadness, anger or irritation, they feel this sentiment without judgment. They go deep into the feeling, live through it intensively and are then able to let it go of it quickly. But the older we get, the more we learn that it isn’t socially acceptable to cry or scream. Overwhelmed when handling their own emotions, adults try to calm the child by trying to focus the child’s attention on something else, trying to distract or trying to calm the child by saying; “This isn’t a reason to cry,” “You don‘t need to be angry,” etc. Sometimes they even try to punish the child, “If you don’t stop screaming, you will go to your room.”

This emotional neglect causes trauma created by what is not done instead of trauma by what has happened. We all have emotional needs. If they are not met, feelings of emptiness grow inside of us. Most of us have been there!

With time, most children learn that they are better off hiding negative emotions from the adult world to be able to fit in and be accepted. That’s the start of our resistance to negativity. We start judging it and want to get rid of it, and slowly but steadily, we forget how to let negative energy flow through our body, feel and transform it.

We take for granted that this is how it should be, because the people around us have taught it this way. We become adults, completely out of touch with our emotions, who do not know how to meet their own emotional needs and pass on this behavioral pattern from generation to generation. We are stuck in a never-ending circle.

Until we see what could have been there, we won’t even know what is missing.



It’s time to end this circle and create new paradigms. If we want to change the world, we need to start with ourselves and the great news is; we don‘t even need to learn how, because deep inside we have never forgotten.

We only need to unlearn what we have been taught and what we BELIEVE to be true.

You are already perfect the way you are. You are not here to improve yourself or become a better version of yourself.

The sun in your heart has always been shining very brightly.

There are simply a few clouds obscuring the sun rays. These clouds are your shadow side. These clouds are your belief system that causes harm in your life. If you try to force the clouds away, more will come, because whatever we resist will automatically persist. But if you approach them with awareness and without judgment, if you start detecting their reason for existence and learn to love them, your sun will start shining through them. Your sun is your consciousness and your clouds are the unconscious.

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