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Shadow Meditation with tarot

The Star card shows a naked woman kneeling. The woman holds two containers of water. She pours the water out to nourish the earth and to continue the cycle of fertility. Behind her, shines one large star and several smaller stars, representing chakras. This represents a need to open your chakras and cleanse your aura. Notice all the stars have eight points. Eight is Strength, the quality needed to accept your faults and love yourself in spite of them.

Our emotions are our inner guide that we ignore way too often because we fear the negativity in our lives. It’s time to unlearn what we have learned in the past. Tarot is a wonderful tool to connect to your unconscious and to our emotions. Today, I am going to present to you a wonderful tarot meditation technique that will help you to restore the connection to your inner guide.

But first I need you to remember that you are already perfect the way you are. You are not on this earth to improve yourself or become a better version of yourself. The sun in your heart has always been shining very brightly. There are simply a few clouds obscuring the sun rays. These clouds are your shadow side. These clouds consists out of your belief system (that believes that you are not worthy enough, alone, unsafe, etc.) , old unhealthy patterns (treating yourself with anger and hate) and repressed emotions (because you judge negative emotions as being bad). If you try to force the clouds away, more will come, because whatever we resist, will automatically persist. But if you approach them with awareness and without judgment, if you start detecting their reason for existence and learn to love them, your sun will start shining through them.

The most important thing is to bring these clouds to your awareness. Let’s use tarot to do that. 


Bring your shadow sites to the surface with tarot

First of all; sit down comfortably and take 9 deep breaths. Feel if there is any tension in your body and breath into it. Then take your tarot cards, shuffle them and ask the question: What lays hidden in my shadow? Draw one card and face it. Continue to breath deeply. Comprehend tarot as the picture book of your life story. Your intuition will respond to the pictures. Compare the cards symbols to situations in your life. Bring old memories into your awareness. Let the heart read the pictures, the mind will follow.

Here are a few steps to guide you.



If an emotion comes up that feels uncomfortable; sit with it without judgment. Investigate the feeling the same way that a scientist would do research: Where in your body is it located? What does it feel like (“bad” isn’t a sufficient answer)? What shape and size does it have? What color, texture and temperature does it have?

If you analyze your sensation that way, you will automatically stop to devaluate it, which is key to start loving yourself with all of your aspects. Stay in this mode for quite some time until you experience that you truly enter a state of non-judgment.



Imagine this emotion as a figure with arms and legs, head and eyes and imagine it facing you. If nothing comes up, imagine the tarot card coming alive in your vision. If you see an apparent lifeless object, envision what it would look like if it started living. Notice the appearance (size, shape, color). What gender is it? How is the look in its eyes?



Talk to your emotion. Ask anything you need to know. Ask what it wants and needs. Be patient and sharpen your awareness to receive an answer. Once you know what it wants and needs, visualize yourself giving it to the personification of your emotion. For example: It tells you that it needs your attention and love. You can then picture a scene in which you give a hug to the image of your feeling.

You can also ask what time and moment you have felt it for the first time. When images come up and you see a scene of the past – you as a child or as a younger version of yourself – ask your past-you what it needs and provide it as the adults you are now. For example: If an image comes up that reveals a moment in which you have been neglected as a child, you can imagine your adult-self how you give care and attention to your inner child. That way, you can alter your memories and let go of these painful experiences.


Look again:

Now that you have given your shadow aspect what it desired, look at it again. Does it still look the same way? Does it look more sympathetic? Did it change form completely?

What happens is that you tame this “negative” energy once you give it attention and it can turn into a wonderful ally that will guide and protect you.



Imagine that the ally dissolves into you and you dissolve into wholeness. Let your mind relax. Rest as long as you like.


Try it out and please let me know how it went for you!


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    Rev Tama Kaya Bell
    April 26, 2016 at 12:22 pm

    Excellent-was able to see my personal shadow side of the little girl (me) feeling devalued after a class I took that usually I enjoy so much and am taking it to better my community and my loved ones. One teacher and a ‘seasoned’ student pointed out what they perceived to be a flaw in my reasoning and I felt hurt (felt back to my OLD history) that I was being devalued or ignored or discounted–I asked the Ghetto cards to give me just one card-and HE did-the Three of Pentacles: From a book I have “At the core of the Three of Pentacles is the notion of teamwork and collaboration. In the card, we see a young mason working hard on building part of the cathedral. The two monks enter, with their worldly knowledge and spiritual understanding to bring a new perspective to the mason’s work. Even though their backgrounds, experience levels and knowledge is very different, they are able to come together to share their expertise in a way that creates synergy and improved results. There is no ‘us and them’ or any sense of superiority. Rather, each person has something unique to offer and is willing to learn from others involved in the project. Everyone is getting the job done together and is contributing to the group through effective listening and sharing. This is a positive card to see when teamwork, collaboration and cooperation are required between parties with different levels of experience.

    The Three of Pentacles also points to the importance of feedback. The mason is open to listening to the monks and taking on their feedback on his progress so far. His primary goal is to do a great job, and he knows that the monks will be able to help him get there. He does not take it personally but uses their feedback and input to continually improve in his work.

    Effective planning, management and organization are also key components of the Three of Pentacles. In order to accomplish significant goals, such as building a monumental cathedral, it is imperative that detailed planning occurs to ensure that all the components are progressing well. This card therefore reflects a time when it is essential to create a detailed plan and to follow a schedule. This is when good project management will pay off.

  • Reply
    April 27, 2016 at 12:07 am

    This looks wonderful–can’t wait to try it. Have been doing Shadow work (or preparing for it) since June. Thank you!

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