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Making Myself Whole Again.


If I had only one word to describe the last weeks, it would be WOW.

At the beginning of May twenty six people from around the world came together in Berlin to become certified practitioners of a process called the Completion Process.

It was intense, it was healing, it was one of the most amazing weeks of my life.

The Completion Process is a spiritual trauma integration tool to bring back lost aspects of ourselves to make us whole again. With this technique we can actually perform emotional time travel back to the root causes of the problems we experience in our lives.

We all went through trauma in our childhood, because we all grew up in a sick society that teaches us to suppress emotions. If a child is shamed or isolated for expressing an emotion, it can cause a hell of a lot of damage to the child. The child gets the message; some parts of you are not wanted and therefore need to be suppressed. By denying an aspect of ourselves, we do not make it go away. It will continue to exist in our subconscious mind and when we are older it causes us to attract situations into our lives that make us feel exactly the same way the original trauma did.


We have all gone through these experiences. I personally went through a lot of them. I was laughed at or punished for expressing my anger. I was being shamed for expressing my fear. It was not okay to feel jealous. So what do you do as a child when you feel an emotion and your parents tell you that this emotion is not valid?

You start believing that something must be wrong with you. And you carry that belief into your adult life.

There have been many moments in the last 10 years where I had panic attacks cause by an immense amount of fear in the dark. I used to call it my “irrational fear”, because I couldn’t find any reason for feeling this way.

Until I realized that this fear was not at all irrational, but completely normal after all I have been through in my childhood (memories that were long forgotten). Because I was shamed for feeling fear, I suppressed this emotion completely. However when I was alone in the dark, it crawled its way up to the surface of my consciousness.

Last year I went to a workshop of Teal Swan, an international renowned spiritual teacher. She presented a tool that she has created to cope with the immense amount of trauma that she went through in her childhood. She calls it the Completion Process. She demonstrated it on stage and I followed her instructions that led me back to the root cause of the negative emotion I was feeling in that specific moment. I found myself back in my childhood in a scene with my dad that had left me feeling anxious and shocked. Thanks to Teals process, I was able to change the narrative of this story, eventually live through the emotions and change the history of my upbringing on an emotional level.

It was eye-opening and life changing.

Fortunately I have got a very good memory, so I memorized all the steps and used the process whenever I felt heavily emotionally triggered. The more I used the process, the more suppressed memories came back to me. I realized how many of my emotions had been completely blocked out and how I had so often forbidden myself to feel based on the conditioning of my past.

It isn’t easy to re-experience all those traumatic situations, but it is definitely worth the effort. Because I have found my own worth again, I re-connected to my inner child (or better; my many inner children) and my life and everything in it started to make sense. Finally.

I began leading others through the process and had similar positive results.

So when I heard that Teal was training Completion Process Practitioners in Europe, there was no doubt that I wanted to become a Certified Practitioner.

When I received the email that I was accepted into the group, I felt an absolute burst of happiness. I was exactly where I wanted to be.

The training took place three weeks ago in Germanys capital city. In only 3 days of training, the group became like a family. We supported each other going through a lot of deep shit from the past, felt the fear and the happiness of being seen by others, released a lot of emotions and connected on a profound level.


I arrived feeling super excited and a bit nervous, then felt very confused and lonely the next day and left feeling light, bright and totally confident on the last day. The training continued among the practitioners after Teal left and some of us stayed behind a little longer and then met again in Prague the next week. I constantly practiced and became even more amazed with the process than I had already been. I did it so often that I ended up feeling overwhelmed and sick for several days. But I let myself feel exhausted and did not judge my emotions. I was at peace with myself.

During the training we had asked Teal to use her extrasensory abilities to see into our souls, tell us what our individual specialties are and for what reason she choose us 26 practitioners out of a group of 400 applicants. That moment was very emotional when everybody was told what his/her abilities were. The other practitioners are absolutely amazing human beings riding the same wavelength than myself, ready to dive deep into their own shadows and be unconditionally present with others. I fell in love with many of them. I was intensely moved to hear Teal point out the strengths and qualities of each of us.

She told me that I was a spiritual guide that catalyzes change and that I will specialize in working with people who have lost connection to their higher selves; that means people who feel stuck, depressed or are terminally ill. When she said these words, tears of joy ran down my cheeks. I had known it for quite some time, but had often been afraid to speak it out loud. To hear it from a person that I respect that much was a blessing to my heart.


Now I feel even more confident and ready to guide others through their shadows and pain en route for their absolute bliss. I am going to use the Completion Process together with Shamanic Healing rituals as well as Tarot readings to reveal and fall in love with our shadow aspects.

So that we can feel whole again.


Find out more here:

And for those who would like to try out the process without a practitioner; Teals book will come out very soon.

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