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Start living NOW

Alan Watts, one of my favorite philosophers, talks about our lives and ways of thinking in current society. We got programmed to belief that the future is always more important than the NOW. He puts it into beautiful words:…

Barahona, Batey 3, March 2011.
The workers start early in the morning burning the canes and then cut until the end of the day. ||
Batey communities in the Dominican Republic are company towns or neighborhoods where Haitian sugar cane workers and their families live.

Cutting sugarcanes is physically demanding and extremely low-paying work. An estimated 250,000 residents live in approximately 500 bateys. Most residents do not have access to drinking water, proper sanitation facilities, medical care, or education.
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Letter to my Higher Self

Dear Higher Self, we have been together for almost 29 years. We went through so many ups and downs and you have never left my side. You were there for me throughout my whole life. You played, you laughed,…

A Haitian boatsman travels from one town to the next on the island la Gonave, Haiti. 2009.
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Follow Your Bliss

What do you desire? Are you doing what you love? Are you living your full potential? Do you want to be an artist? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to be your own boss? Do…

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My Blog

MY BLOG My name is Alice. I am a woman, daughter, friend, shadow worker, tarot reader, life coach, public speaker, photographer, filmmaker, dancer, traveler. In summary; I am free spirit who follows her heart to make her dreams and…